SmartData: intelligent data management, vineyard and wine


  • Public presentations: conferences, seminars and information initiatives with the presence of one or more external speakers on specific topics.
  • Thematic meetings: information initiative of a technical-operational nature, with the presence of one or more technical experts.
  • Production of information material: paper, electronic and on the web. There will be publications and video and audio recordings, folding brochures, newsletters, IT applications (blogs, forums, chats, media sharing platforms, social networks, etc.), specific sections of institutional sites.
  • Website: related to the GO and the illustration of its Plan.
  • Demonstration activity: to be carried out by organizing demonstration fields directly within the project partner farms, with the aim of making farmers, technicians and all stakeholders outside the partnership aware of the results in the field of the activity currently carried out, highlighting advantages and potential in terms of yields, costs and quality of production.