SmartData: intelligent data management, vineyard and wine


Brief description of the solution identified:
Innovation consists in the adaptation of existing processes and technologies aimed at improving the quality of production through the creation of a cloud platform that offers companies a system, based on the use of precision agriculture and DSS with tools and information to control both the production techniques and the innovation introduced in the cellar, which consists in the creation of a prototype, which can also be used as a decision support, with small size NIR technology, easy to use, for the continuous measurement of polyphenols in wine.

In this way the data collected are visually represented on a website by some indicators that will immediately indicate compliance with all the relevant legislation, flanked by further graphic detectors on the percentage of reduction of energy inputs compared to traditional techniques, guaranteeing complete traceability. This entire process will be made available to consumers and also to public / private entities carrying out control activities, through a QRcode present inside the label