SmartData: intelligent data management, vineyard and wine


Description of the activities and executing party

  1. Animation of the partnership and coordination of the GO - Agrotechnical College
  2. Preparation of a collaboration agreement and internal regulations of the GO - Agrotechnical College
  3. Introduction of innovation in the companies of the partnership - Agricultural partner enterprises
  4. Realization of a minisensor with NIR technology for the continuous analysis of polyphenols in winemaking - DIBAF Università della Tuscia
  5. Development of an Analytical Information System and Web GIS for Decision Support (DSS), Quality Management and web dissemination of the results of the data chain - C.R.P.V. Plant Production Research Center
  6. Communication and dissemination plan of the project results - Fondagri
  7. Organization of company visits – Fondagri